Safety & Sustainability


Cippco has adopted safety standards that go beyond the minimal requirement for local, state, and federal safety requirements. We provide safety training and education to our employees and contractors on our jobsites. Cippco Tool Box Talks are held weekly on all jobsites and Safety Committee Meetings are held in the office monthly. In addition to training, Cippco provides Site Specific Safety plans, safety inspections, employee orientation, and random drug testing. Post-Injury follow up, accident/injury and near miss reporting procedures to prevent reoccurrences.

Prior to the beginning of each work shift, Cippco begins with its “Stretch and Flex” exercise program, which helps reduce soft tissue injuries common to construction workers. This time is critical to the beginning of our day, as it provides the opportunity for employees to discuss any potential hazards and to ensure that the employees are assigned to their correct task.


We are aware of the environmental footprint that is associated with our line of work, which puts an even bigger emphasis on our commitment to recycling. When we partner with our clients, we help their business meet their sustainability goals. Essentially all debris resulting from our job sites is recycled. We have the ability to offer reports to our clients detailing all information pertaining to the recycled debris.

We have made significant investments in electric equipment which eliminates emissions and improves air quality within our job sites.